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Almakpro is a consulting firm that is specialised in the development and enhancement of capacity for individuals and organisations through well thought in-depth programs, which are of high quality, diverse and full of innovation.  The programs are rich in well researched information, which target to provide the best and lasting business solutions. The programs are flexible and affordable thereby giving you value for money.

Our learned and specialised consultants give you the opportunity to strengthen those skills or strategies that each employee or organisation needs to improve on. Our specific and tailor-made programs bring dynamism each time in order to bring all individuals or organisations to a higher level. High performance and productivity are the resultants of these programs.


Almakpro provides two types of services to its clients worldwide, these are:

  1. Consulting Services in a variety of disciplines through our global experts

  2. Capacity building services for individuals or organisations

These services are in two categories according to client needs or preferences.


  • We offer services that are strictly designed for particular clients, and solutions tailored according to needs and business focus. Such a service is referred to as a CLOSED service, where no outsiders are allowed to participate.

  • The OPEN service is where two or more clients with similar needs can be assisted together and discuss solutions as one big family in the industry. This includes individuals with similar needs too.

Our programs assist the participants to develop self-esteem and confidence. The sessions take a flexible approach and are well coordinated. Our services are offered in different settings / environment as may be demanded by the problem at hand. The settings or environment are:


OTJP services include but not limited to:

  • Internships,

  • Volunteering,

  • Coaching and Mentoring,

  • Job rotation and observations,

  • research on campus,

  • boardroom training delivery and

  • consultations.


The OBP services involve off base:


  • case studies,

  • training programs,

  • study visits,

  • real work experience simulations,

  • conferences, and many more. 


Some programs are scheduled annually indicating the name of the program, synopsis, date to be carried out, venue, requirements, duration, to do list and fees involved. These can be found under calender or training programs schedule every year.

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