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Online Training

There are several courses that are on offer and have no specific start date as they are self paced towards the award of the Almakpro Certificate of Attainment, which is a result of a rigorous learning package which ends with an assessment.

The Online training programs are offered for a duration of four weeks per program chosen. Multiple program enrolment is acceptable to a maximum of 3 at a time but each attracts own program fees.

Online Training Program Options

Online Humanitarian Aid Training

The training covers the Art of Humanitarianism, The History behind Humanitarianism, Humanitarian principles, Introduction to Humanitarian Aid, Sectors in Humanitarian

Action, Disasters and risk management, Case study on Disaster Mitigation,

Human Resources in Humanitarian Sector, Financial Resources in Humanitarian

Action, Ethics and code of conduct in Humanitarian Work, The Law and

Humanitarian Action, Migration and displacement, Shelter provision in

Emergences, Education in Emergences, Gender in Humanitarian

Action, Human Rights in Emergencies, International Solidarity

and Cooperation, and Project Management basics. 

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